Sustainable, Local, and All Natural

We know most of life’s special memories happen around a great meal.

We strive to procure high-quality products as close to the source as possible, skillfully prepare them and provide first class customer service. We believe food tastes best when ingredients are procured as close to home as possible and are skillfully prepared.

I think we can all agree fresh is best.

From our Ohio Amish chicken to our living lettuce delivered fresh weekly, rest assured your food will be fresh and procured as close to the source as possible. Our chicken is Ohio Proud from Amish country and is hormone, allergen and gluten free, and all produce is locally sourced picked and delivered fresh weekly.

Our fish purveyor uses sustainable practices and is part of Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice), adhering to the highest Aquaculture standards.

GMO’s, hormones, PCB’s and toxins simply aren’t part of our vocabulary, but terms like Sustainable, All Natural, Locally Sourced, and Home Grown are all adjectives to describe our food.

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