Q: What is the deposit to book my date?

A: A deposit of $1,000 is required to book your date.

Q: What is the Service Fee?

A: The service fee is 20%

Q: Are there Taxes?

A: Yes, but not everything in the package is taxable.

Q: What are the Payment Terms?

A: After the deposit, your next payment is due approximately one month from the time of booking. You will then have subsequent payments due up until your event with the last payment due at your final appointment 2 weeks prior to your event.

Q: What is the fee to include my ceremony at The Estate?

A: The cost to include your ceremony is $500. Outdoor Ceremonies: 2 per white folding chair.

Q: How much time do I have for my Ceremony?

A: 2.5 additional hours for preparation, pictures, and ceremony.

Q: When would my ceremony rehearsal take place?

A: If you have your ceremony at The Estate, you are guaranteed one hour the day prior. This time cannot be confirmed until 30 days prior to your wedding due to other events. The Estate serves as the space,

Q: Is there a rain plan for my Ceremony?

A: Yes, we have several rain plan options.

Q: How much time do I have for my Reception?

A: 5 hours.

Q: Can I add additional hours to my package?

A: Yes, $250 per hour.

Q: Are the lighted fabric ceiling sweeps, dance floor lights, and colored pillar lights included in the packages?

A: No, not all brides love the “Light Up Your Night” package as much as we do, but it can be added for an additional fee of $650.

Q: Can I add liquor to my beer and wine package?

A: Yes, it is unlimited for 4.5 hours at 7 pp.

Q: Can I bring my own alcohol?

A: No, we are a permit holding premise.

Q: When is my final guest count due?

A: Two weeks prior to your event.

Q: What is the minimum guest count?

A: 95 adults on Friday, 85 adults early Saturday and Sunday. 125 adults on Saturday evening.

Q: How many people can The Estate accommodate?

A: Up to 300 guests in both ballrooms.

Q: Does The Estate offer discounted pricing?

A: Yes. We provide special rates for November Saturdays, January – March, and any Monday-Thursday date.

Q: Are my wedding cake, centerpieces and DJ really included?


Q: When will I meet with the florist, the pastry chef, and the DJ?

A: After you attend an open house to get ideas, you can contact and meet with any of the vendors.

Ideal Timeline:
Florist – up to 9 months before wedding day (no less than 1 month before wedding)
Pastry Chef – up to 9 months before wedding day (no less than 1 month before wedding)
DJ – 45 to 60 days before wedding day

Q: What if I want to take out one of the following items in my package; Wedding Cake, Floral Centerpieces, or Professional DJ?

A: If you want to take out an item included in the package, you would receive a $150 credit to your package for each item.

Q: Can I upgrade my package?

A: Yes, we have a multitude of options that can “multiply the fun” including our Photo Booth, Firepit, Venetian Hour and More!